Presidente de Estados Unidos Obama habla sobre al candidato Donald Trump

En esta nueva serie, los periodistas de la BBC te ayudan a practicar inglés con los titulares de las noticias de la semana. Mira el video y aprende nuevo vocabulario.

Titulares y transcripción en inglés:

  • Obama says Trump unfit to be president
  • Singapore scientists create cyborg beetle
  • Scans reveal how teenage brain develops

President Obama has said the Republican nominee Donald Trump is unfit to be president and questioned why party leaders still support his candidacy. Mr Trump has hit back, accusing Mr Obama of failed leadership.

Scientists in Singapore have wired up giant beetles and shown that they can control the insects remotely. They’re hoping to use the technology to help save lives in disaster zones and to fight security threats.

British scientists at Cambridge University have gained a new insight into behavioural changes that happen in our teenage years. Using brain scanning techniques, they’re gaining clues about why some young people develop mental illnesses.


questioned: (here) expressed doubts about

remotely: from a distance

insight: understanding